Estate Sales

We handle every aspect of your estate sale, including organization, set-up, pricing, research, merchandising, marketing, advertising and all bookkeeping, security and hosting during the actual sale. A and S Estate Sales will come to your location and operate the estate sale of the home assets directly at the home. We will take care of everything during your estate liquidation. Our estate sales services include:

Full Disclosure:
A and S Estate Sales offers full accountability and disclosure in accounting for the estate sale. You will know the sale price and earnings of each item. There are no conditions or hidden information. You will know everything.

Credit Cards:
We accept Visa and Mastercard and can process all transactions from your location to make purchasing easy and convenient.

We have security at the front door at all times, with two checkouts at all times as well.

Advertising and Marketing:
We perform extensive local and online advertising for your estate sale. The costs for this comes from the proceeds of the estate sale.

Final Clean Up and Donations:
We can help you finalize any remaining items that have not been sold and are not chosen to keep, including donation or disposal.
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